Charlie Beans #howdareyou Tour Dates

HOME TOWN SHOW DATE for #howdareyou tour WSG D.Allie
Saturday, April 19 at The Berkley Front.
We’d really love your support on this particular show specifically to keep our boat afloat on the road.  Come through, cop some merch, and check out an amazing line up. Check out the flyer, and additional dates below:

#howdareyou Tour Dates WSG D.Allie

4.16 – Ann Arbor, MI (Blind Pig) *
4.18 – Battle Creek, MI (The Warehouse)*
4.19 – Berkley, MI (The Berkley Front)*
4.23 – Kansas City, MO (The Record Bar)
4.24 – St. Louis, MO (The Ready Room)
4.26 – Bloomington, IN (TBA) 

 *Opening support for Steddy P & DJ Mahf WSG S.A. the Abolitionist.

CHARLIE BEANS New Remix, and 2.21 Show

It’s been some time since I’ve updated the Five30 Music website, but that does not mean things haven’t been going on.  We’ve received some decent press for Charlie Beans’ howdareyou album, and wanted to put all the info in one place.  Just keep scrolling. We’d like to send a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone that attended the howdareyou  album release party at The Berkley Front.  It was a huge success.  It brought us back to a time years ago when Tony Franks and I as Abrasive Method (A.M.) would pack the place, and it was tough to move.  Thanks to everyone who shared the event, bought some merch, and most importantly, attended the show.

The next time I’ll be performing is Friday, February 21 @ Simon’s After Dark in Allen Park, Downriver.  Shout out to GIMIK PROMOTIONS for hooking this up.  I’m just doing a small set.  Here’s the flyer:













My good friend Eddie Logix wanted to make a remix for a song off howdareyou.  He chose my song “(I Know) What You’re Thinking” and we released that as a special Valentine’s Day gift to those of heart break.  This is a free download.  Check it out:

We had a nice write up about howdareyou  and its’ release party in Real Detroit Weekly two weeks in a row which was pretty cool.  Here’s the link to read the articles online.

I also had the pleasure of being interviewed by Origix & DC of The Zone Radio.  I’ve known these guys for a decade plus, and it was nice to talk to them about my solo album and the other happenings with Five30 Music.  You can listen to the interview here:

We will try to do our best to keep Five30 Music more updated, but wanted to let you guys know what was going on.  Look for more info coming soon including details on Charlie Beans’ upcoming tour, as well as future releases from Five30 Music that are on the horizon.


The time has finally come for Five30 Music to release “howdareyou.”  We did so last night around Midnight.  Thank you to everyone who has been anticipating this album and for sharing the “Stage Five Clinger” video.  Please feel free to do the same with the album.  Every person counts.

Ladies and gentlemen…howdareyou

Stage Five Clinger by CHARLIE BEANS (Official Video)

“Stage Five Clinger” is directed by Steddy P. and Manny Hinkson of Indyground Entertainment.  The song is produced by DTCHPLNES.  We shot this video while P was in town on one of his million tours.  Tony Franks had the storyline and idea to shoot this video in his mother’s surgical center.  Special thanks to Sue Barone for letting us shoot this video there.  Additional scenes by Crystal Kherkher, Brent Acord, Tony Franks, and Manny Hinkson.  howdareyou will be released tonight at Midnight as promised.  Free download courtesy of Five30 Music.  

Charlie Beans to release debut solo album, howdareyou 12.17.13

For those of you who have been interested in when I would finally be releasing my first solo endeavor, howdareyou, it is finally upon us.  On 12.17.13, Five30 Music will be releasing the album as a free download.  Check out the trailer for howdareyou below.

This album has been a long time in the making, and a further time coming.  I’ve thought about making a solo album for a while.  I have plenty of songs dating back to when I was 19 that are just me, and continue as did my music career as a engineer/producer, as well as with my group, Abrasive Method (A.M.).  I’ve never sat down and actually planned something of my own;  until now.

I knew what I wanted to write about. This is my first solo effort.  I didn’t want it flooded with guest appearances, so there is only one;  S.Kaiser.  He’s been the co-captain of this Five30 Music roller coaster we’ve been on, and had an integral part in helping me conceptualize howdareyou.  Many know him from his legendary stint in the Pontiac group The L.Y.N.X., while others know him for The Last Boy Scout, the first release from Five30 Music.

I also knew how I wanted howdareyou to sound.  I knew I couldn’t create all the music for this album and have it sound as excellent, and well rounded as it does.  Instead, I wanted to use mostly outside production.  I decided to step out of the box and use some producers that I hadn’t worked with before.  I did, with the help of Soleternity, (Rockford, IL.  Produced for Tech N9ne, Krizz Kaliko, Joe Budden, etc.) ill Poetic (Cincinnati,OH. Produced for Aesop Rock, Blueprint, Illogic, Slug, Slum Village, etc.) and Panik of The Molemen (Chicago, IL.  Produced for Cage, Vakill, Scheme, Kool G Rap, etc.)  I rounded out howdareyou with some of my favorite producer friends in Eddie Logix, SKRAPZ, DTCHPLNES, and myself.

This is my most personal work to date dealing a lot with love.  There’s so many different ways to paint the pictures of a relationship, and it never gets old.  There’s some ups, and plenty of downs I’ve experienced over my years on this earth, and I took howdareyou to share them.  Some might think that’s self-indulgent or narcissistic.  I simply refer to it as honest and relate able.

I really hope you like howdareyou, and take the time to listen to it.  It’d be nice if you’d like to share the music as well.  It’s a free download, so we want to get as many people to hear this project as we can because this is something special.  Although, I made howdareyou for me, I think it is equally as much for you.

Look for another trailer for howdareyou to be coming the following week, as well as the first official video, “Stage Five Clinger” produced by DTCHPLNES, directed by Steddy P. & Manuel Hinkson.

For those of you who don’t keep up on my, I’ve been releasing singles periodically to get listeners comfortable with my music.  I released “(Right) Place At The (Wrong) Time” a couple weeks back, and negligently didn’t make a post for it.  So here’s another song.  Free download.  Produced by SKRAPZ.

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UPPERSdowners Release Party 10.11 @ The Berkley Front

Here’s the flyer for Matt Schwartz‘s UPPERSdowners which was released 9.3.  This album was produced entirely by Charlie Beans, and is brought to you as a free download courtesy of Five30 Music.














For those of you who haven’t heard any music off UPPERSdowners, here you go:

This event will be hosted by none other than D.Allie.  We have some great local support in CIDI Ent, Volume, and Warren Peace.  It’ll be exciting to get some fresh acts to grace the stage with us at The Berkley Front.

Our co-headliners Steddy P. & DJ Mahf from Missouri off the Indyground Entertainment label.  I’ve been working with these guys for quite some time hitting out of state events, and always being their guy in the Metro Detroit area.  The two just released their latest album, BREAKFAST with DOCTOR GONZO on 9.10, and are doing their second leg of the tour for this project already.  These guys have been making major moves throughout Missouri for over the past decade.  It’s exciting to watch them grow.  I produced “Universal Love Story” off their latest release. They’re releasing a video for this song on 9.24; quite dope.  Check that out below:

Hope to see everyone out Friday, October 11th at The Berkley Front for this show.  As always, thanks again for the support.

More upcoming information on Five30 Music artists Charlie Beans and Benjamin Miles‘ releases coming soon.


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