Update….. My Name Is Madio

Whats up World! It’s Monday and back to the real world….. but Friday….. was…. AWESOME! Thanks to all the people who came out to the show to support Myself and Five30 Music. Mad Love.  Hope you all picked up your FREE CD at the show. If not, and you couldn’t make it to the show, make sure you download the Album for FREE here My Name Is Madio Here is a pick to tide you over till the next one!

If you are out in Rockford, IL on March 18th, be sure to check out Five30 music at Marys Place in Downtown Rockford with Charlie Beans from Abrasive Method and your boy Madio!

Till next time, My Name Is Madio…. What’s Yours?


Hello everyone! The new year has come and with that is the new mixtape by your boy Madio! Mr. Who Make sure you download it and spread the word. It will have some beats you know, and some you might not. Want to start the year off right with a taste for everyone to have! and yes My Name Is Madio…. so don’t forget it! The new VLog will be up soon as well…. Peace

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Madio VLog #1 – 12/18/2010

What’s up everyone… Having a little trouble making my new VLog post on this site. Don’t worry, I still got you. Just click here to view on facebook (best quality) or click here to veiw on youtube and check in to see what your boy Madio and Five30 Music have in store. Make sure yuou check back in for more VLogs and Videos, Peace!

Don’t forget that you can download Madio’s album, Suburban Bread, as well as his mixtape with AKA, The Wake Up