Matt Schwartz-UPPERSdowners

Here it is folks.  Matt Schwartz and I spent a solid year crafting this project.  I’m really proud of it.  Honest and sincere music.  Just like the rest of our Five30 Music releases, UPPERSdowners is a FREE download.  Stream/Share/Download below.  Produced entirely by Charlie Beans

The UPPERSdowners record release party is Friday, October 11th at The Berkley Front.  More details to follow.


Charlie Beans 9.6 @ The Magic Bag. New Five30 Music



This Friday, September 6th, Five30 Music is celebrating COLD ENGLISH‘s album release party.  Front man D.Allie is a very good friend of ours, and he asked me to open up for his band’s first release.  I’ll be going on at 9:30 PM, sharp.  The Magic Bag is located in Ferndale, and is one of my favorite venues to see a show, let alone play.  What’s also cool is that I’m the only ‘rapper’ for this show;  the rest of the performers have live bands backing them.

That being said, my good friend Eddie Logix of #CoOwnaz fame will be holding me down on the wheels of steel.  I’ll be performing all new music off my upcoming album, howdareyou, coming November on Five30 Music.  This show will be a great way to get a taste of my solo material.  Since all of the performers have live bands, I’ve had the opportunity to play a longer set.  I figured I’d grab the one-man-band in Logix to guide this music train.

I figured I’d release a new song to celebrate this cool show.  “We’re Not On The Same Page” is pretty much a long rap that can describe the general content of  howdareyou. This song is produced by Stereo Symphony.  They’ve made music for Trae The Truth, XV, and one of my favorite local artists in Orlando Wade.

I’m also bringing a couple of friends to the stage to assist in my performance.  Five30 Music artists S.Kaiser and Tony Franks will also be gracing the stage.  They just recently released a song of their own entitled “Sliver,which is produced by S.Kaiser and myself.  We’ve been going under the moniker Another Rainy Wednesday when producing together.   Check that out below.

Special thanks to Matt Schwartz and Eddie Logix for the artwork, and mastering of these two songs.  Please share, and download with anyone who enjoys good music.

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone this Friday at The Magic Bag in Ferndale.  Doors are at 8PM.  Charlie Beans performing at 9:30.

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Matt Schwartz UPPERSdowners 9.3 on Five30 Music.

So begins Five30 Music‘s fourth quarter onslaught of music.  First up, is Matt Schwartz.  I’ve been working closely with Matt for over a year now.  UPPERSdowners is an album we’ve constructed over that time with myself being at the helm for the production.

I’ve been referring to Matt Schwartz as the “Indy Rap Young Jeezy.”  He has such an honest, and candid approach to his music.  Sometimes the best way to tell someone “I love you” is to actually say the words, and stop beating around the bush.  He does just that.  There’s a lot to appreciate in humility, and Matt Schwartz isn’t lacking any; especially regarding his personal relationships and how they find their way into his music.

We’ve been really excited to share UPPERSdowners, and Five30 Music will finally be able to do so on September 3rd.  The production on UPPERSdowners is some of my favorite to date, and is the exact style of tracks I love to make.  Some of the samples on the album were actually brought to me by Matt Schwartz himself.  A task that is normally daunting, and non-inspiring as I think some people choose bad samples to turn into their own originals.  Matt doesn’t have this problem considering we have very similar musical tastes, and background.

Matt Schwartz writes songs that I like to listen to, flat out.  I’m truly a fan of this man’s work.  A lot of people are going to be surprised with the direction we went with UPPERSdowners, but I couldn’t be more happy with it.  The music is dark.  The themes are hopeful.  If you’re a fan of either of our music, this should be right up your alley.

I’ve almost taken Matt on as a little brother type.  He’s pretty much just like me as a person, not to mention his music is very similar to mine.  He has a great style, delivery, and voice.  Most importantly, Matt Schwartz knows how to construct songs that are relate able, and heart felt.  His lyrics aren’t the most metaphorical and thought provoking, but they’re also not pretentious;  which might be one of his biggest strengths.  If UPPERSdowners is one thing, it is direct.  Matt‘s great ear for production really helps guide this album. through.

Five30 Music is going to release a leak to  UPPERSdowners this Friday, in support of Matt Schwartz‘s upcoming performance at the Detroit Pub the same night.  Come down town and check out a preview of Matt‘s new material.



This Friday, August 9th, super producer Eddie Logix is bringing his newest release, EDDIELOGIXPLAYSLYKKELI to life, and brought the cast of the album along with him.  As the flyer states, this will be “an evening of rare enchantment.”

Eddie Logix of the infamous #CoOwnaz released his latest work, EDDIELOGIXPLAYSLYKKELI at the top of the month.  This album is arguably his best release to date.  Using inspiration from Swedish singer/songwriter, Lykke Li, this project came together from Logix flipping elements of her art into his own production, and bringing his musical family along for the ride.

Five30 Music appears on EDDIELOGIXPLAYSLYKKELI on two seperate songs.  Benjamin Miles shares a song with Mister of Passalacqua entitled “In the Meantime” , while Charlie Beans and S.Kaiser are featured on “Left of Center,” respectively.  “In the Meantime” is my favorite song on the album, and is one of my top five favorite beats I’ve ever heard from Eddie Logix.  I really love the vibe of this track, and how great it makes me feel when I listen to it.

“Left of Center” was given to me by EL and he wanted S.Kaiser to do a verse on it.  I remember asking Logix what he was looking for out of the song.  His basic reply was, “classic Beans, and sing the hook, too.”  No problem, buddy.  I was really excited to bring S.Kaiser along on this one, as he’s one of the most underrated artists in the city.  This track was bound to get him SOME shine.

We were very excited to be asked to be a part of this project quite some time ago, not knowing it was going to become such a great album, and a level jump for Eddie Logix in his growth as a producer, as well as his lesser known emcee abilities;  although he’s been in Midcoast Most for two albums, and released an album with D.Allie as Progress Report.

Eddie Logix has been rapping for as long as I’ve known him, (over 10 years), and some people really slight him on how great of an artist he is when he decides to lay vocals to anything.  In all honesty, EL raps better than most people he provides production to.  His songs, “Jack Rabbit” and “We Can Go” show Logix can hold his own on the solo tip;  while legendary group, Midcoast Most reunites on “Nine Lives.”  The trio’s track is high energy, and shows the versatility of EL as an artist, and producer.

#CoOwnaz mainstay Doc Waffles appears on two seperate tracks. “Painting of Cats, which is the first video off EDDIELOGIXPLAYSLYKKELI, shows the avant garde approach Waffles gives to almost everything.  Here is the trailer for the video:

Doc Waffles & Eddie Logix ‘Paintings of Cats’ [trailer] from Andrew Miller on Vimeo.

Doc Waffles’ “Phone Numbers of Firsts” is a great song describing first loves.  Featuring vocalist Laura Finlay, the song is conceptualized perfectly, and is relatively straight forward; a unique approach for Doc Waffles as he’s more of a “marinara sauce on a chocolate chip cookie” type;  also known as an “out of the box” thinker.

SelfSays rounds out the cast of EDDIELOGIXPLAYSLYKKELI in one of my favorite songs he’s done in quite some time.  “Blow This Joint” is an incredible production of Eddie Logix, while SelfSays gives an energetic and thought provoking performance lyrically.

Take the time out to listen to EDDIELOGIXPLAYSLYKKELI.  It’s an amazing album that myself, and the rest of the artists who participated are very proud of.  Eddie Logix is an amazing artist/producer, and orchestrated a phenominal project using key players, all by himself.  We are truly seeing a legend in the making.

See you this Friday, at Trinosophes in the Eastern Market sector of Downtown Detroit.  #CoOwnaz



OMAM/The Flobots 6.7 @ The Magic Bag

While Of Mice & Musicians have been working on their next album, they have been getting booked on more high profile events.  This Friday, OMAM will be opening for The Flobots @ The Magic Bag in Ferndale.  To those unaware of who The Flobots are, they had a huge hit with the song “Handle Bars” a couple years back.  Check out this awesome promotional video the guys in OMAM did for this upcoming show.

Also, here is OMAM‘ latest work Bottles & Bones which came out last April on Five30 Music.

For all the latest news, stay tuned to as we’ve been doing more frequent updating..  The last half of 2013 is looking to be quite busy with a handful of releases from your favorite Five30 Music artists.

HAPPY Five30


Prod. & Mastered by @Eddie Logix
Artwork by @Mattsquatch_ (Matt Schwartz)

Tony and I have been recording music for well over a decade. Some people are under the impression that A.M. no longer exists. That is impossible considering we’re best of friends and would never let music break our bond.

With that being said, we’ve both decided to focus our energies more on our own solo efforts. We are still heavily involved in each other’s work, but more in the background. After four albums, touring, and constant recording as a duo, we felt as though we both deserved to work on our projects, respectively.

“Melt Down” is a song that we wrote for an upcoming Five30 Music compilation that has since been idle. We really wanted to work with our good friend, and legendary producer Eddie Logix again of #CoOwnaz, and he served us up a great beat.

We thought it’d be perfect to get our homey Far Out from STL to close out the song. He is on the Indyground Entertainment label that I’ve worked with for a couple years now. It’s great to build with true artists who envision music the same way as you do.

A.M. has some new material that has been recorded.  Although some of the songs have to be re-worked, most are rip, roaring, and ready for your ear drums.  Look forward to Five30 Music releasing more Abrasive Method music, as well as dropping more singles to wet your beak as we line up our upcoming EP’s, and full lengths.

Our release schedule for Five30 Music coming soon:

MATT SCHWARTZ x Charlie Beans #UPPERSdowners (SUMMER)

Charlie Beans #HowDareYou (FALL)

Benjamin Miles UNTITLED EP (FALL)

Of Mice & Musicians UNTITLED ALBUM (TB)

S.Kaiser #Departure (TBD)

Tony Franks #Project Phoenix (TBD)

As these releases get wrapped up, expect definitive release dates soon.  More video and fresh music to be released sooner than you think.

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New Charlie Beans single for free download.

Please check out the Soundcloud link below to download my new single “Fantasy” featuring Steddy P. X DJ Mahf.  I wanted to put out something new as a precursor to the show this Saturday, and thought my collaboration with Missouri’s finest seemed perfect.  Check out if you’re not familiar with the great things these guys are doing in the Show Me State.  The song is produced by Soleternity, who’s done work with a lot of notable acts.  He most recently produced “Technicians” off Tech N9ne’s “All 6s & 7s” album.  Please share, download, comment, and enjoy! 


Don’t forget, this Saturday: